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Luxury Buyer Agent

We Look. We Find. We Collaborate.

Whether you are looking to invest in a country retreat, a seafront spectacular, an urban pad or a large-scale CRE or residential development project, our job is to make your real estate vision a reality. Through our global network, we help you find hidden treasures and acquire your dream home, holiday getaway or corporate investment property WORLDWIDE. If it exists, we will find it; if it does not, we can help you create it.


Accommodating you or your company's needs and musts when selecting, acquiring or developing, is our number one priority as your BUYER AGENT. 

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The process is simple

The First Step

Contact us and let us know your thoughts and requirements. Regardless of whether you have a clear picture in your mind or not, it is not a problem. This is why we are here. Our professional team will gladly answer your questions, resolve doubts and guide you to obtain the best possible investment in any scenario. 


Wish list & Non-Negotiables

We will set a date to discuss in detail your preferences, budget, specifications and your non-negotiables (ie. your absolute essentials; these could include features such as a specific location, features, price range, size, a sea view, etc. - basically, anything that you consider a must). This step can be performed in person or via online.


The Search

Having established your wish list and learned a little more about your style, your taste and your personality, our job begins! We use our knowledge, our contacts and our expertise to find a pre-selection of the most suitable properties. We are not tied to specific collaborators, companies or properties, giving you broad choices and finding the best deals, without limitations. 


The Find

During the process, you will receive a series of visual materials, as well as written information on each lot of land, ready-built property, or "fixer upper" we present to you, your family or your company. This will help you narrow down your choices in an informed and impartial manner. We like to call this "property matchmaking"!


In Person Encounters (optional but recommended) 

Once we all agree upon a number of potential properties of your liking, the next step is to arrange viewings. If for investment purposes, you may prefer to send a representative of your choosing to view the property on your behalf, or you may appoint us to follow the procedure in your name while you follow the process online. However, if possible, we avidly encourage you to make the trip and visit the properties in person (especially if the property is for private residence). We can happily arrange for travel arrangements, transportation, accommodation and other concierge services. 


Sealing the Deal

Once we have found the property or properties that fit, we will initiate neutral negotiations and assist you through the complete purchase process to make it happen! Our aim is for you to obtain the best property, at the best price. And if your properties require building, renovating and / or decorating, at Kerridwen Green we can gladly assist you with all your real estate needs. 

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