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Redefining Sustainable Luxury Real Estate

At Kerridwen Green, we LOVE homes! Following a 20-year career providing sustainable services and products, our Founder and CEO was driven by a profound commitment to efficiency, luxury, and a deep respect for the environment. The vision began in 2015 with the dream of redefining the real estate industry. In 2023 that dream was brought to life. Today we are combining our business acumen, negotiation expertise and sustainability knowledge, to find property gems that combine remarkable design with serious eco-consciousness. From rural cabins to modern mansions, from commercial new-builds to swanky city pied-à-terres, there's no need to compromise on charm, character, technology, or conveniences; you can always make your property green; Kerridwen Green.

Village Houses
House in the Snow

Tailor-Made Property Search, Construction & Decoration Services

Our hallmark services encompass not only the art of finding your dream home, selling real estate, or finding the best tenants for your investment property, but we can also guide you to craft an eco-conscious masterpiece from that diamond in the rough. We specialise in bespoke property search, and have established relationships with renowned eco-certified architects, sustainable construction firms, and environmentally conscious interior decorators that span the globe. 

Why Choose Kerridwen Green?

Global Reach

Traditional real estate brokers and agents are location-based. Kerridwen Green Real Estate is a product-based agency and consulting company meaning that we transcend geographical boundaries as we connect clients with exquisite sustainable properties and industry professionals across the globe. Our global network, built on a foundation of collaboration with UHNWI and HNWI investors and representatives, real estate advisors, architects, builders, and trusted collaborators, ensures that our clients have access to exclusive eco-luxury real estate in diverse and prime locations.

Our extensive NETWORK of like-minded individuals and companies, paired with decades of environmental EXPERIENCE and real estate PASSION, makes us the optimal resource for high-end, design-focused, sustainable real estate, worldwide.

Looking at the View


The significance behind our name

When the time came to christen our new company, I sought a name that embodied strength, beauty, and transformation—qualities essential in the realms of property, homebuilding, and relocation.

I was raised on the stunning island of Mallorca, but few know that I was born in Wales, a place known for its breathtaking rolling hills of green. I delved into Celtic mythology and discovered Kerridwen (also known as Ceridwen or Cerridwen); a Welsh medieval goddess, and a symbol of wisdom, rebirth, and poetic inspiration. It struck me as the perfect representation of the crossroads, new beginnings, and creativity inherent in the pursuit of property.

So, why Green? Because it encapsulates the essence of our mission. And why Kerridwen? Because in every property journey, there's a touch of magic.

Founder & CEO

Alexandra Nicolau

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Founder & CEO

Fern Leaves


Kerridwen Green is not just a real estate broker or design consulting company, we aim to become a bridge to sustainable principles. For this reason we have teamed up with an NGO to help offset your and our carbon emissions in the simplest and most effective way possible: planting trees!


With every transaction performed through or in collaboration with Kerridwen Green Real Estate, we dedicate part of our commission or project income to contribute towards the reforestation our planet to help tackle climate change, promote biodiversity and generate a positive impact in local communities. Not only that, when purchasing a property with Kerridwen Green you will be able to choose from a range of reforestation project locations and select your desired types of trees. Best of all? You will also be able to track the evolution of your trees and the CO2 captured! 


Join our vision of creating a harmonious blend of high-end, design-focused, eco-luxury, where your dream property is paired with clean efficiency, making a positive impact on the world, on health and happiness of its occupants, and to your pocket.

Welcome to Kerridwen Green, where Luxury finds its Green Soul.

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