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Urban Bedroom

Refurbish, Redesign or Decorate your Property Sustainably

Elevate your living space to new ecological heights with Kerridwen Green with our sustainable refurbishing and/or decorating services. If you are interested in transforming existing properties, why not make them energy efficient, healthy, eco-luxe spaces? Let us guide you to a path of sustainability and help you revitalise your space responsibly, where every renovation decision or chosen piece of furniture reflects not only a commitment to a greener future but to a happier, healthier and cost-efficient property, today. 

Green Living Spaces

What to Consider

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Indoor Air Quality

Learn about the importance of indoor air quality in eco-friendly renovations. Discover strategies to enhance air quality, promoting healthier living and working environments, reduced carbon footprint, lower monthly expenses, and a positive impact on respiratory issues such as allergies and asthma.

Watering Plants

Energy-Efficiency & Water Conservation

 Keep up to date on the latest energy-efficient appliances, smart technologies, water collection, and landscaping practices that contribute to reduced energy and water consumption bills, and to improve the environmental impact and offset carbon emissions of your real estate investment.

Natural and Organic Interior Materials

Responsible Interior Design

From locally sourced to organic, bio materials, from upcycled furniture to recycled fixtures... Explore the role of materials in creating safe and sustainable spaces that strike a balance between aesthetics, environmental responsibility and toxic-free living and working environments.

How we can help with your Sustainable Renovation or Design Project

Wooden Hut

Renovation Tips & Guidelines

Ready to get to work? Already started? Or are you on the fence and need some guidance? No matter what stage you are at we can help you evaluate the benefits and costs of an environmentally friendly retrofit project and offer practical tips and insights to incorporate sustainable practices into your renovation. From energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly finishes, we guide you through the essentials such as planning and budgeting to fulfil your refurbishment goals. 

Wood Carvings

Network of Collaborators

Benefit from our extensive network of collaborators including expert architects, contractors, landscapers and eco-suppliers that we trust will adjust to your needs, wants and style, to ensure that your new space adapts to your needs and feels just like it should. We believe in collaborative expertise for a seamless and sustainable renovation journey where we can connect you with a selection of home improvement professionals to make your eco-friendly refurbishment run as smoothly as possible. 

Send us your Questions. Request a Quote.

Whether you're envisioning a complete overhaul or subtle upgrades, our team and collaborators are here to bring your sustainable dream home to life. Let's reimagine your space, incorporating eco-friendly principles that harmonise with your values.

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